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LURELLA Shuga Brush Set

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The Shuga Brush Collection is set to bring some sweetness to your makeup game. With 9 new brushes the looks you could create are endless.

Collection Includes:
  • Flat Brush - Concealer brush, cut crease, packer brush
  • Small Buffer Brush - Apply cream products, Buffing brush
  • Large Tapper Brush - Highlight brush, Eyeshadow brush
  • Small Powder Brush - Blush Brush, Detail Powder brush
  • Large Powder Brush - Setting brush, Bronzing brush
  • Small Detail Brush - Liner brush
  • Small Angled Brush -  Brows, liner
  • Large Flat Brush - Foundation, cream products
  • Flat Top Brush - Contour Brush, Cream products

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