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LAGIRL Keep It Playful 9 Color Eyeshadow Palette

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Are you LPJ (ready to play)? Keep it Playful is always there for you. These 4 eyeshadow palettes are like cute miniature versions of our best-selling full-size palettes. But when it comes to pigments... these shadows don't play around with pigmentation. Trust us, when you swatch over these smooth mattes, shimmers, and intense foils, they'll blow your mind.

Each palette is an experience all its own with its color-coordinated shades of smoldering warm tones, sultry smoky shades, blush pinks, and flirty purple eyeshadows. You can put the costume on or take it off, as long as you stay playful.

  • Cruelty free
  • Smooth mattes, smooth shimmers, and rich foils
  • 9 fun colors
  • 4 different palettes
  • Easy to blend eyeshadows
  • Compact, travel-friendly eyeshadow palette
  • Color-coordinated metal packaging
  • magnetic box

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