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JCAT BR30 Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner

de J. Cat
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Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner gently removes makeup pigment residue quickly without changing makeup brushes.

If you don't have time to clean and dry your brushes, swipe your makeup brush over the Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner in a circular motion against the sponge. Remove the old color faster and more convenient. The sponge is reusable and can be cleaned by washing and air drying.

  • Does not need water
  • Quick cleaning method

Type of skin:

How to use?
1. Use Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner
2. Use the circular motion to remove a color.
3. Move on to the next color once the pigment is removed.
4. Remove the pigment from the sponge with soap and water.

* Air dry before reinserting sponge into can.

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